About VegoFuel – Proteins for a better world

VegoFuel is a portal for those who want to learn more about protein and have a penchant for vegan, vegetarian and plant-based foods.

The idea behind VegoFuel was to create a resource to make it easier to learn about vegetarian options, especially for those who are extra physically active, strength train or play sports.

It shouldn’t be difficult to meet your protein needs just because you’re vegan!

VegoFuel believes in a greener world

We at VegoFuel are vegans, vegetarians or flexitarians.

There are many reasons to choose a vegetarian or vegan diet. And not everyone has to think alike.

One of the things that motivates us to “think greener” is that the ecological consequences of consuming too much meat are likely to be catastrophic. We’re thinking primarily of global warming.

We believe that humanity will have to adapt and choose more plant-based and alternative options to save energy and reduce emissions.

With increasing climate change and an increasingly diverse world population, we recognise that the need for alternative sources of food and protein will become a necessity.

VegoFuel makes it easier for you to find vegan protein!

Other reasons to choose vegan protein

We also know that there are many people who choose a vegan diet because they care about the rights and welfare of animals. Others eat vegan for religious reasons. Or because it’s cheaper.

Whatever your reason for being vegan, flexitarian, or vegetarian, we hope you’ll find the information here on VegoFuel useful.

Would you like to advertise?

Are you interested in advertising or collaborating with us at VegoFuel?

Then the easiest way to reach us is at: vegofuel@harvedge.se